More depressing CBA news as another potential lockout looms on the horizon,  speculation over Ryan O’Reilly’s contract dispute costing him the Avalanche captaincy, an update on Patrick Eaves, and the Hurricanes re-sign Patrick Dwyer.

CBC.CA: No word from the NHL or NHLPA as to when CBA negotiations will resume. Talks were “recessed” last Friday.

USA TODAY: Kevin Allen reports the NHLPA has begun circulating a lockout preparation memo among its membership. NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly, meanwhile, was scheduled to have dinner yesterday with NHLPA second-in-command Steve Fehr. Daly doesn’t believe anyone is panicked over the lack of progress in talks, but expressed concern the players weren’t considering September 15th (the expiry date of the current CBA) as a deadline.

Pronger guarantees NHL season won’t begin on time.

CSNPHILLY.COM: Flyers defenseman Chris Pronger “guarantees” this season won’t begin as scheduled.

REUTERS.COM: NBC executives are concerned a lockout could have an effect upon the momentum of NBC Sports programming, of which NHL programming is a linchpin.

CANADIAN PRESS (VIA NATIONAL POST): The KHL will opens its arms to NHL stars – especially Russian ones – in the event of another NHL lockout.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: What more really needs to be said about all this now? If the NHL and NHLPA cannot reach an agreement by September 15, the league will lock out the players -a number of whom will seek jobs in European leagues – and risk damage to its visibility in the all-important American sports market. 

DENVER POST: Mike Chambers wonders if Ryan O’Reilly’s contract dispute with the Avalanche prevented him from becoming their captain. The Avs named sophomore forward Gabriel Landeskog as their new captain earlier this week. Chambers suggests it might, but still feels Landeskog is an excellent choice.

MLIVE.COM: Detroit Red Wings forward Patrick Eaves is improving in his recovery from post-concussion symptoms but still has “weird days”.

NHL.COM: The Carolina Hurricanes yesterday announced the re-signing of forward Patrick Dwyer to a two-year contract worth $990K per season.