The latest compilation of notable posts from around the NHL blogosphere.


NHL’s opening night in Boston for the ’11-’12 season.

BACKHAND SHELF: Cam Charron finds himself apathetic about this NHL season’s “lost opening night”. Judging from what I’ve read and heard via traditional/social media, more than a few NHL fans share Charron’s opinion. Hellloooo, NHL? You might want to make a note of this. Fans being indifferent about a missed opening night? Hellooooooo???

SBNATION/PUCK THE MEDIA: Steve Lepore examines what the NBC Sports Network is doing for replacement coverage during the NHL lockout. I’d find it hilarious if CFL Football pulled in better ratings than the average NHL game.

THE STRANGEST ONE OF ALL: Scotty Wazz sims the missing games from the opening night of the locked-out NHL schedule via NHL ’94. Enjoy!

NHLNUMBERS.COM: The value of a good starting goalie: a market calculation.

THE HOCKEY GUYS: Who, in the New Jersey Devils system, is a candidate to take over for Martin Brodeur after he retires? Best guess: someone who won’t have a career as successful as Brodeur’s.

CANUCKS ARMY: Dmitri Filipovic with “The Top 10 Blunders of the Mike Gillis Era. Spoiler alert: Re-signing Roberto Luongo to a monster deal that’s very tough to move didn’t make the cut.