Check out the reaction and analysis to the NHL’s latest CBA proposal from around the NHL blogosphere.

Will NHL’s latest CBA offer move negotiations toward a settlement?

BACKHAND SHELF: Justin Bourne with analysis of the NHL’s latest CBA proposal, as well as the letter sent by NHLPA director Donald Fehr to the players in response to the proposal.

BLUE SEATS BLOG: Analysis of the key points of the NHL’s proposal.

WINGING IT IN MOTOWN: “J.J. from Kansas” doubts the league’s offer will sit well with the players. Judging by Donald Fehr’s initial response, that appears the case.

PENSION PLAN PUPPETS: “chemmy” doesn’t believe the league’s proposal will bring an end to the lockout. Not on its own, it won’t, but if the PA makes a serious counterproposal which furthers negotiations, it could.

SECOND CITY HOCKEY: Greg Boysen believes the league’s offer now puts the puck squarely in the NHLPA’s end of the rink to come up with a viable response which keeps negotiations moving toward a resolution.

SBNATION: Matt Brigidi on how the “Wade Redden rule” in the league’s proposal would prevent teams from burying players in the AHL to free up salary cap space.

 BROAD STREET HOCKEY: Travis Hughes on how the league’s proposal puts the screws to teams (like the Philadelphia Flyers) which sign players to expensive, long-term, front-or back-loaded contracts.

 CANUCKS CORNER: Tom Benjamin on how NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman’s latest proposal seems reasonable because his starting point in these negotiations was so ridiculous.