Reaction and analysis to the recent turn in NHL CBA negotiations from around the NHL blogosphere.


Overall NHL world reaction to breakdown in latest CBA talks.

DEFENDING BIG D: Brad Gardner believes that, despite the sad panda faces and rhetoric following yesterday’s breakdown in NHL CBA talks, the two sides appear to be inching closer to an agreement.

BACKHAND SHELF: Justin Bourne is also optimistic over the progress in talks, while “67Sound” offers up a “make-whole” salary cap which would provide a “win-win” lockout solution. Actually, it’s quite an ingenuous suggestion. Pity neither the league or the PA are taking lockout solution suggestions from bloggers.

PUCK DADDY: Ryan Lambert scolds the NHL for not bargaining in good faith, while Harrison Mooney has the roundup of what led to the breakdown in the recent CBA talks.

CANUCKS  CORNER: Tom Benjamin suggests NHL commissioner Gary Bettman is merely following a CBA negotiation plan which was months, if not years, in the making.

HOCKEY ANALYSIS: David Johnson on where things could go from here in the NHL CBA negotiations.

THE HOCKEY WRITERS: Josh Smith with the breakdown of how NHL players are still getting paid during the lockout.

WINGING IT IN MOTOWN: Graham Hathway explains why the PR war in this NHL lockout doesn’t matter. Screw the focus groups, listen to the fans!