Among today’s collection of notable NHL blog posts: delving into the process of negotiating a new CBA, ESPN to air KHL games, Pavel Datsyuk enjoys universal respect, a warning for Canucks fans and Cory Schneider, a Maple Leafs “dream team”, and a satirical look at the agenda for the latest round of CBA talks.

CBS SPORTS EYE ON HOCKEY: Brad Stubits dives deeply into the process of negotiating a new NHL CBA, especially the lack of trust on both sides, and the need for compromise.

PUCK DADDY: Greg Wyshynski reports ESPN will air KHL games on their ESPN3 network. Nice little poke in the eye of the NHL there.

RAW CHARGE: John Fontana tries to find signs of hope amid the gloom of this NHL lockout.

NHLNUMBERS.COM: Jared Lunsford believes the NHL owners don’t want a season-killing lockout because of the potential impact to the league’s revenue growth. Lunsford makes a good case, but if there’s one thing about the league we already know, its the willingness to employ a scorched earth policy against the PA, even if it costs them a season.

WINGING IT IN MOTOWN: “J.J. from Kansas” clears up some NHL lockout confusion, noting not to trust’s list of 18 NHL teams losing money in 2010-11.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I agree with J.J. that no one except the league and the PA knows the true numbers, of which teams are really making money, which ones are losing it, and by how much on each side of the ledger.

That being said,’s evaluations are all we have to go by, which is what I used in my recent six-part series examining the NHL’s money-losing franchises. It does help, however, to dig a little into their numbers. If you read’s individual team evaluations, they indicate where some of those “losses” went (ie, funneled toward a larger ownership entity). Until something better comes along, we have to use’s evaluations. Just take ’em with a grain of salt, do a bit of research, and employ some common sense.

The NHL’s most respected player.

BACKHAND SHELF: Chris Lund examines why no one seemingly has a discouraging word against Detroit Red Wings star Pavel Datsyuk. One word sums it up for me: respect. He’s the most complete player in the NHL, is among the most good-natured, and doesn’t take himself too seriously.

NUCKS MISCONDUCT: Jordan Clarke on how Vancouver Canucks fans built up, and then tore down, Roberto Luongo, and hopes Cory Schneider is prepared to face the same fate.

THE CHECKING LINE: Rob McGowan wonders if Pat LaFontaine would seriously consider buying the NY Islanders.

THE LEAFS NATION: Steve Dangle examines what the 2012-13 Toronto Maple Leafs would look like if GM Brian Burke followed the advice of every Leafs fans’ suggested trades and free agent signings.

DOWN GOES BROWN: A satirical look at the agenda of the latest round of NHL CBA talks.