In today’s collection of notable posts from the NHL blogosphere: Jaromir Jagr appears supportive of the NHL owners, the impact of changing teams upon a player’s stats, the greatest offensive lines of the 1970s, the NHL lockout explained (with beer!), and the good and bad signs of the current CBA talks.

PUCK DADDY: Greg Wyshynski on Jaromir Jagr’s sympathetic comments toward NHL owners in the wake of Alexander Ovechkin’s harsh words against them.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Much is being made of Jagr’s remarks as though he’s being a defeatist, or worse, a traitor to the NHLPA. Reading his remarks, however, it’s obvious Jagr can see both sides of the issue. After all, this is his third lockout and fourth NHL work stoppage, plus he’s also owner of a team in the Czech Extraliga, giving him clarity of vision regarding what both sides seek. 

NHLNUMBERS.COM: examines the impact of changing teams on a player’s point total.

HOCKEY WILDERNESS: One hockey fan has stopped caring about the NHL lockout, a trend which appears to be growing among most NHL fans.

Jets’ “Hot Line” was one of hockey’s best in the 1970s.

GREATEST HOCKEY LEGENDS: The top ten scoring lines of the 1970s.

BACKHAND SHELF: Justin Bourne links to a terrifically funny (and not suitable for work, so open with caution) explanation of the NHL lockout by using beer.

DOWN GOES BROWN: presents: “Good signs and bad signs in the ongoing CBA talks”. Laughter soon follows!