Among today’s goodness from the NHL blogosphere: early reaction to the NY Islanders relocation to Brooklyn, the NHLPA knew last Friday about NHL owners contacting the players, why the Carolina Hurricanes need revenue sharing, a complete list of where all NHL players in Europe and the AHL are currently playing, and Brett Hull uses Halloween to troll Sabres fans.

PUCK DADDY/BACKHAND SHELF/THE STRANGEST ONE OF ALL: Greg Wyshynski, Justin Bourne and Scotty Wazz weigh in on today’s announcement the NY Islanders will be moving from Nassau County to Brooklyn by 2015.

OFFSIDE: A SPORTS LAW BLOG: Eric Macramalla reports the NHLPA actually knew about the NHL’s intent to allow its owners and GMs a 48-hour window to speak to the players regarding its latest CBA proposal.

BLUESHIRT BANTER: Joe Fortunato on the league’s recent gaffes in NHL CBA talks with the NHLPA.

CARDIAC CANE: Elena Palmer on the Carolina Hurricanes and revenue sharing.

DOBBERHOCKEY: A complete list of locked out NHL players currently in the European leagues and the AHL.

NHLNUMBERS.COM: Scott Reynolds on last season’s individual point percentage for NHL defensemen.

Jeremy Roenick regrets his role in previous NHL lockout.

PUCK THE MEDIA: Scott Lepore on Jeremy Roenick’s regret for his role in the last NHL lockout, and his expectation of an abbreviated NHL season this time around.

AWFUL ANNOUNCING: Don Cherry has a problem with MLB color man Tim McCarver.

PUCK DADDY: Brett Hull uses a creatively carved Halloween pumpkin to troll Buffalo Sabres fans.