Continuing analysis of the NHL lockout from the blogosphere, plus looking for illegal hits in Don Cherry’s Rock ’em, Sock ’em, and a satirical “outtake” from the NHLPA’s message to the fans video.


Parise & Suter could earn less under a new CBA

PUCK DADDY: Greg Wyshynski wonders if NHL players will actually get their money’s worth on their contracts after the lockout, focusing upon the identical 13-year, $98 million deals Zach Parise and Ryan Suter inked with the Minnesota Wild this summer. My guess? Not if the league has anything to say about it.

HOCKEY ANALYSIS: David Johnson examines how little has changed between this lockout and the last one in 2004-05, rightly pointing out the league won’t be able to resolve the revenue woes of its small market franchises by cutting players salaries alone.

MATCHSTICKS AND GASOLINE: Justin Azevedo is starting to find he might not want to come back to hockey when it finally returns. Sadly, I think we’re going to see more of that this time around from fans who are either fed up with the constant NHL labor battles, or are finding better hockey alternatives, or perhaps other things to do with the time they once spent following the NHL.

MILE HIGH HOCKEY: As part of an ongoing series on the impact of the NHL lockout, today’s edition focuses on the impact for teams.

 THE LEAFS NATION: Ryan Fancey wonders how many NHL fans will tune into KHL games when they’re broadcast in North America during the lockout. Some fans will, but I think the majority of NHL fans won’t, or certainly not to the same degree they do for NHL telecasts.

NHLNUMBERS.COM: Eric T. examines if some players really do elevate their games in the playoffs.

BACKHAND SHELF: Daniel Wagner looks back on the original “Don Cherry’s Rock ’em Sock ’em” video to count how many hits featured in it would be considered illegal in today’s NHL.

DOWN GOES BROWN: partners once again with Bloge Salming for another hilarious NHL video. Today, they proudly present: “The discarded out-takes from the NHLPA’s message to fans” video. Warning! Do not consume beverages while watching this, lest they end up coming out your nose during laughter!