NHL CBA negotiations to continue on Tuesday, lockout hurting local businesses in Newark and St. Paul, Flyers fans remain loyal, updates on Mattias Ohlund and Adam Foote, and the World Cup of Hockey could make a return.

TSN.CA: The NHL and NHLPA are expected to continue CBA negotiations on Tuesday. No word yet on the agenda or location.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Maybe this time they’ll stop tiptoeing around the core issues and actually start serious talks about HRR? Naaaahhhhhh….

NJ.COM/STARTRIBUNE.COM: The NHL lockout is hurting local businesses near the home arenas of the New Jersey Devils and Minnesota Wild.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s the same story in most NHL cities during this lockout, not that either side in this labor dispute care about that.

PHILLY.COM: Only twelve Flyers season ticket holders out of 18, 200 cancelled their tickets because of the lockout.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: And that, folks, is ione reason why the NHL isn’t concerned about the effect of this lockout upon its fan support. I doubt any NHL team has suffered a significant number of season ticket holders cancelling their tickets. If thousands of them were doing so, this lockout would be coming to a swift end.

Ohlund rehabbing from career-threatening knee surgeries.

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: cited a report from Erik Erlendsson of the Tampa Tribune that Lighting blueliner Mattias Ohlund is still rehabbing from knee surgeries, but he won’t necessarily be able to continue his NHL career.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: By the sound of things, Ohlund may be forced to retire once he’s completed his rehab.

DENVER POST: Former NHL defenseman Adam Foote remains active in hockey, coaching a bantam team in the Denver area.

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: There could be a revival of the World Cup of Hockey.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As long as the NHL continues to participate in the Winter Olympics, I think a World Cup of Hockey is a waste of time. If, however, the NHL pulls out of Olympic participation after the 2014 games, then reviving the World Cup would be a good idea.