Several NHL bloggers air their grievances on the NHL lockout, warning of fan apathy, more analysis of decertification, and Absurd Goalie Monday.

RAW CHARGE: Cassie McClellan believes the NHL is slowly killing itself with these lockouts by continuing to alienate its fans.

WINGING IT IN MOTOWN: Several Red Wings bloggers weigh in with their opinions (and frustration) over the NHL lockout.

NHL fans want an end to the lockout, but is the league listening?

ANAHEIM CALLING: So does several Ducks bloggers.

ST. LOUIS GAME TIME: “hildymac” just wants this lockout to end.

THE CANNON: Andy Newman doesn’t care about the NHL anymore.

PUCKSCENE: Fan apathy is the NHL’s worst enemy.

 BATTLE OF CALIFORNIA: A profanity-laced note to the NHL owners, especially those behind this lockout.

 JAPERS’ RINK: “Becca H” wonders what fans miss more: the NHL or hockey?

 MILE HIGH HOCKEY: Sandie Gauthier lists the reasons why she’s happy there is an NHL lockout.

THE COPPER AND BLUE: Derek Zona wonders if the NHL’s die hard fans are starting to meander away, what about the casual fans?

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t know if the NHL has anyone following hockey bloggers, but if they do, they should be forwarding these posts to the commissioner’s office at once. Bloggers are real fans, with vested interest in their favorite team. While their views don’t represent the entire hard-core NHL fan base, they are shared by a significant number. If they’re getting frustrated, or are starting to move away from the NHL, that should set off warning bells at NHL HQ. Unfortunately, I don’t believe the NHL really listens to their fans, because if they did, we wouldn’t have a third lockout in eighteen years.

BACKHAND SHELF: Ellen Etchingham with her thoughts on Roman Hamrlik’s critical comments of NHLPA director Donald Fehr, and the reaction of some of his fellow NHLPA members.

OFFSIDE: A SPORTS LAW BLOG: Eric Macramalla breaks down decertification in 206 words.

ON THE WINGS: Matt Saler with a rebuttal to Tyler Dellow’s recent take on decertification.

THE STRANGEST ONE OF ALL: Scotty Wazz with the latest installment of “Absurd Goalie Monday”. This week: Jiri Crha.