Continuing analysis of the NHL lockout, drafting players with long term deals in fantasy leagues, and the first draft of Gary Bettman’s painfully awkward speech during the recent HHOF induction ceremony.

THE HOCKEY WRITERS: Justin Johnson chastises the NHL for its “gun-to-the-head” style in CBA negotiations, and why it’s “best shot” is never good enough.

OILERS NATION: Jonathan Willis on the absurdity of comparing NHL players to those who work regular jobs.

Some of the days in October when NHL & NHLPA talked CBA.

THE PEERLESS PROGNOSTICATOR: A quick look at the dates the NHL and NHLPA met or touched base since the lockout began, part of which (October) can be seen on the left.

DOBBER HOCKEY: Eric Daoust on drafting players carrying long term contracts in fantasy leagues where players salaries are used, rather than average cap hits.

MC79HOCKEY: Tyler Dellow with a lengthy, informative examination explaining why Europe’s sports structure is better than ours.

PUCK DADDY: P.K. Subban could lose his job at Boston Pizza.

DEADSPIN: The secret of Don Cherry’s tweets revealed at last.

GRANTLAND: Sean McIndoe of “Down Goes Brown” reveals the first draft of Gary Bettman’s Hockey Hall of Fame speech.