Ongoing analysis of the NHL lockout from some of hockey’s best bloggers, a vote on the Coyotes arena deal is a certainty, and some interesting Blackhawks tattoos.

DEFENDING BIG D: Josh Lile doesn’t care which side is right or wrong in this NHL labor standoff, he just wants them to resolve their differences and get back on the ice.

Kris Versteeg recently called Gary Bettman & Bill Daly “cancers”.

BACKHAND SHELF: Justin Bourne doesn’t see much point in having a bunch of players attending the NHL CBA talks.

CBS SPORTS EYE ON HOCKEY: Eric Macramalla has some choice words for those NHL players who recently lashed out at NHL commissioner Gary Bettman.

BROAD STREET HOCKEY: Travis Hughes doesn’t buy the public denial from Philadelphia Flyers owner Ed Snider and Bettman over a report claiming Snider’s growing weary of the lockout.

CANUCKS ARMY: A low opinion of some NHL insiders.

FIVE FOR HOWLING: Jaime Eisner doesn’t know what the outcome of an upcoming vote on an arena deal for the Phoenix Coyotes will be, but thankfully, at long last, there will be a vote on the matter.

SECOND CITY HOCKEY: : Some Blackhawks fans show off their tattoos.