Reaction to mediators being brought into the NHL CBA talks, supporting the NHL owners, why Gary Bettman should stop smiling, and more. 

PUCK DADDY: Greg Wyshynski on how the Twitter account of a US mediator resulted in his being dropped from being part of the mediation team getting involved in the NHL CBA stalemate, and wonders what repercussions Roman Hamrlik might face for being publicly critical of NHLPA director Donald Fehr. Sean Leahy, meanwhile, reports how some NHL players are determined to win back apathetic fans post-lockout.

THE HOCKEY WRITERS: Matthew Speck doesn’t believe it’s a good idea to bring in mediators, doubting they’ll resolve the current NHL CBA standoff.

BACKHAND SHELF: Daniel Wagner laments that, instead of talking about NHL hockey, we’re stuck talking about its lockout.

Should Bettman be smiling now?

THE CANNON: Matt Wagner on why NHL commissioner has nothing to smile about.

ARCTIC ICE HOCKEY: Daniel Lipson on why he supports the NHL owners in this lockout.

LIGHTHOUSE HOCKEY: The NHL is so incompetent, it can’t even heed its own mission statement.

DOWN GOES BROWN: A satirical look back at NHL superstars whose careers were cut short by the last lockout.

BATTLE OF CALIFORNIA: The NHL Website’s Fan Polling Oddities.