NHL & NHLPA meet briefly on Monday evening, with the possibility of another proposal from the PA and further meetings later this week. Read on for the latest.


NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly calls for NHLPA to make a complete proposal.

CBC SPORTS:cited an Associated Press report on Monday evening’s meeting in New York between the NHL and NHLPA, which ended with the league requesting the PA place “all of its desires together into one complete offer”. NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly claims his side hasn’t received a full proposal from the NHLPA, and wants to know where the PA stands on all the issues. NHLPA director Donald Fehr said he’d take the league’s request “under consideration”, hinting “it’s more likely than not” the two sides could meet again on Tuesday. Fehr did make a proposal which would see NHL teams penalized for front-loading contracts,

The reports adds, “The NHL is asking for a straight 50-50 split of revenues while the NHLPA has proposed seeing the players’ share jump in fixed increments of 1.75 per cent each season starting from the $1.883-billion US they took in last year. That offer didn’t include the mechanism that would be used to account for the reduced revenue generated during a shortened 2012-13 season.” The league also wants to “make changes to  to rules governing entry-level deals, contract lengths and arbitration.”

Daly also said neither he or NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman took recent insults aimed at them by some players (Ian White, Kris Versteeg) personally, chalking those up to frustration over the negotiations.

Elliotte Friedman wonders if the greater frustration over this lockout coming from those inside or outside the bargaining room. “I don’t know if it’s right to say either the NHL or the NHLPA is cracking or bending, but there is growing discontent with how this process is unfolding. “Helpless” is how one team executive described his feelings right now.” He also points out the implications from the league against those on the ownership side who dare speak out publicly on the lockout.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Heavy fines and a possible loss of draft picks is just part of the punishments which could be levied upon an owner who breaks ranks and violates the league’s gag order. Bettman does serve on behalf of the owners, but never underestimate the power he wields upon them.

STARTRIBUNE.COM: It’s unclear if CBA negotiations would continue through the upcoming American Thanksgiving long weekend if progress were made earlier in the week.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If they want to get a deal done which starts the season in early December, then they should work through the long weekend. They’ve wasted enough time already.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks believes any negotiated settlement will be based solely on player givebacks. “Sources within the union have told The Post the NHLPA does anticipate contracts would be pro-rated for a truncated 2012-13, though the players at this time do not seem willing to bear equal responsibility for damage caused by the lockout that was unilaterally initiated by the league on Sept. 16”, writes Brooks.

 CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggarty calls for more flexibility on both sides to reach an agreement.

 SPORTSNET.CA; Michael Grange laments the lack of reasonable voices in these negotiations.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Further negotiations will depend upon what the NHLPA tables either today or tomorrow. I’m not expecting the players to give on what they’re seeking in a 50-50 revenue split, nor do I expect them to be very flexible regarding player contract rules. If the PA agrees to the league’s 50-50 formula, the owners might – MIGHT – be willing to be more flexible upon some of the contract rules. Otherwise, barring a new, fresh solution to the revenue split idea, or the league’s agreeing to bend a little on that issue, I’m not optimistic over a resolution heading into the Thanksgiving weekend.

SPORTING NEWS: Jesse Spector calls for the league to start playing games and get back to earning money while continuing to negotiate a new CBA with the players.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sorry, Jesse, but that’s just not gonna happen.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: In a recent exclusive interview, Commissioner Bettman dismissed a recent report in the Philadelphia Daily News claiming Flyers owner Ed Snider was growing impatient over the lack of progress in CBA talks a “fabrication”. claimed he “loves the players”, saying “Nobody should think for a moment that I don’t. If I didn’t I wouldn’t do this job. I couldn’t do this job. I believe in the players. I don’t believe in what’s going on right now. It’s part of the business of the game. The least attractive part of the game.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Must be that “tough love” I’ve heard so much about. Judging by some comments and some players sporting “Puck Gary” hats, they’re not feeling Bettman’s love.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson wonders why the NHL stubbornly resists bringing a mediator into these negotiations.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The NHLPA has indicated it’s willing to consider that option, but no word from the league. Bettman and his negotiators definitely don’t want any outsiders stepping in trying to mediate a solution. They didn’t consider mediation in the last two lockouts, and won’t consider one now.

CANOE.CA: Defenseman Jaroslav Spacek has retired after 13 NHL season spent with Florida, Chicago, Edmonton, Buffalo, Montreal and Carolina.