As I write this, Christmas is nearly upon us. 2012 will soon fade into history, and a brand new year will be rung in.

This year started out with so much promise for NHL fans, as every near year does, but since September it’s been marred by yet another lockout which has already cost roughly half the 2012-13 season, threatening to wipe it out entirely.

It’s been tough to find much optimism in the NHL heading into 2013, especially for those middle class folks who rely on the league for their livelihoods. Still, compared to bigger problems in the world, this labor dispute between the owners and players is merely an inconvenience for most NHL followers.

Sooner or later (hopefully sooner), this lockout will end and the NHL will return to action. It’ll be interesting to see what the fallout will be; it may be years before we know the true extent of the consequences.

Meanwhile, let’s take this time to be with those who mean the most to us, be thankful for what we have, and look forward to what will hopefully be a better, prosperous and happy new year. I wish all my readers, and all NHL fans, the very best over this holiday season, and the hope we can soon enjoy watching our favorite players and teams pursuing the Stanley Cup.

I’ll be taking Christmas Day and Boxing Day off to spend time with my family. The next update to this site will be Thursday, December 27, 2012.

Happy holidays, everyone.