Erik Karlsson to depart Finland for Sweden, Carey Price stirs up a fuss over a hunting picture, plus a number of Oilers have been very active on Twitter.


Erik Karlsson headed back to Sweden.

Erik Karlsson headed back to Sweden.

OTTAWA CITIZEN: Senators defenseman Erik Karlsson will soon be departing Finland, where he’s played for Jokerit, for his native Sweden to await a decision on the NHL CBA talks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Karlsson joins several NHL stars currently playing in Europe who are either allowing their “month-to-month” contracts or their insurance expire to await the outcome of NHL CBA talks, which appear to be reaching a head.

TORONTO SUN: Montreal Canadiens goalie Carey Price caught some flak yesterday for posting a picture on Twitter showing him and a friend posing with a coyote they’d recently killed. He later took to Twitter to defend himself.  “Coyote hunting is a necessity on order to maintain population,” he tweeted. “Too many coyotes = fewer game animals = no meat for my family.” Price continued: “Some people are hunters and some gatherers.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I have a feeling most of those critical of Price, and of Vancouver Canucks winger David Booth for posting their recent hunting exploits on Twitter, are city dwellers who have no clue about rural life. Price is absolutely right about the rationale behind coyote hunting. I read one tweet suggesting Price’s wealth meant he didn’t have to worry about meat for his family. True, Price could provide for his family, but evidently they would prefer not to live off his charity.  Those yelping over his hunting picture and screeching about “cruelty to animals” probably never give a thought about where their food comes from.  To learn about true cruelty to animals, I recommend the book “Fast Food Nation” or the documentary “Food, Inc“. 

EDMONTON SUN: A number of Edmonton Oilers players have been busy on Twitter this year.