Several Canucks react to latest NHL CBA proposal, Tomas Plekanec still hopeful of an NHL season, Ron Hainsey’s efforts to restart CBA talks, and latest on the Oilers arena plan.

Canucks like Kevin Bieksa react cautiously to NHL's latest CBA offer.

Canucks like Kevin Bieksa react cautiously to NHL’s latest CBA offer.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Kevin Bieksa claimed to have no reaction to the NHL’s latest CBA proposal, declining to comment until it had been reviewed. Canucks player rep Manny Malhotra said it was a “positive feeling” but also noted they had to fully review it before determining how much of a move the league has made in the players direction. Canucks captain Henrik Sedin suggested if the league is willing to negotiate it would be a positive sign.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: We could know by Sunday evening how far the PA feels the league has moved in its direction. It’s expected PA director Donald Fehr will present the league with a counter-offer by then, based on the league’s latest proposal. The contents of that counter-offer and the league’s reaction will determine if a season-saving deal can be hammered out by mid-January.

LE JOURNAL DE MONTREAL: Tomas Plekanec remains hopeful of returning to the Canadiens for a shortened season.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Prior to the league’s recent CBA proposal, Winnipeg Jets player rep Ron Hainsey expressed his wish for both sides to soon return to the bargaining table.

CANADIAN PRESS (VIA NATIONAL POST): After tumultuous arena negotiations between the Edmonton Oilers and the city of Edmonton this year, Dean Bennett believes both sides must resolve this issue in early 2013.