Shawn Horcoff, Bryan Little and Daniel Alfredsson offer up their opinions on the breakdown in NHL CBA talks, while some Montreal Canadiens players visit sick children at a Montreal hospital.


Horcoff still hopeful for a season-saving NHL CBA.

EDMONTON SUN: Oiler captain Shawn Horcoff, who was part of the players contingent during this week’s CBA talks with owners, believes that, despite the latest setback in negotiations, there will be NHL hockey this season. “I think both sides are closer to a deal than they were before on many issues,” Horcoff said. “There isn’t a lot of disparity. The problem is though, that the league is not willing to negotiate. It was a ‘take our deal or we won’t negotiate’ type of thing.” Nevertheless, he remains hopeful of getting a season-saving deal done, citing the progress made over key issues.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Jets forward Bryan Little expressed his disappointment over the breakdown in this week’s talks and the league’s reaction. “It was strange to watch that, to be honest,” added Little. “It didn’t really seem like it was organized. Don was up there talking and within minutes he got that phone call and came on and it was pretty much downhill and all negative from there. It dragged on and I turned the channel after awhile because Gary was talking for awhile. After it started to get negative I didn’t care what he said, I just wanted to turn the TV and go to bed.”

OTTAWA CITIZEN: Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson believes if the NHL’s latest offer were put to a vote by the PA membership the players would reject it. Alfredsson also maintains the players stand firmly behind NHLPA director Donald Fehr.

CANOE.CA: Several Montreal Canadiens players, including team captain Brian Gionta and defenseman Josh Gorges, on Friday visited sick children at the Montreal General Hospital.