Ongoing analysis of the NHL lockout, the World Junior Hockey Championship schedule, the only player to earn a lifetime suspension from the NHL, and more.

Meet the only player to earn a lifetime ban from the NHL.

BACKHAND SHELF: Ryan Lambert on why not having an amnesty buyout in the next CBA would be strange; Ellen Etchingham writes about Billy Coutu, the only player to be suspended from the NHL for life; Justin Bourne has the World Junior Hockey championships schedule, and Daniel Wagner has the ten best photos of the NHL lockout thus far.

PUCK DADDY: Greg Wyshynski has reports on a European agent claiming European teams are bracing for the NHL lockout to end sometime next week. Don’t take that agent’s word as gospel on the matter.

THE CULT OF HOCKEY: Jonathan Willis on Commissioner Gary Bettman’s empty “take it or leave it” threats.

SBNATION: NHL fans may believe Gary Bettman is a bad commissioner, but Dominik Jansky believes Gil Stein (Bettman’s predecessor) was worse.

ARCTIC ICE HOCKEY: The heartfelt story of a man, his father, and the common bond they shared through hockey.

THE HOCKEY WRITERS: The top ten ugliest Christmas sweaters, NHL-style.

 THE PEERLESS PROGNOSTICATOR: The recent NHL labor talks made simple.

SECOND CITY HOCKEY: The 12 Days of the NHL Lockout.