Ongoing coverage of the NHL lockout from around the hockey blogosphere, the top ten NHL bloopers of 2012, and Barry Melrose is the saddest Santa ever.

BACKHAND SHELF: Ellen Etchingham suggests perhaps a mercy killing of the NHL wouldn’t be a bad idea, kinda like how sometimes a forest fire is actually good for the forest; while Justin Bourne wonders why so many fans favor NHL contraction. Probably because they don’t fully under the consequences.

CANUCKS CORNER: Tom Benjamin weighs in on the NHLPA decertification dance, suggesting the NHLPA may have a good case, but ultimately expecting the NHL to achieve a meaningless win in court. He also wonders what NHLPA director Donald Fehr has up his sleeve.

MC79HOCKEY.COM: Tyler Dellow examines the NHL’s threat of nullifying player contracts if the NLRB allows the NHLPA disclaimer of interest to stand.

THE CULT OF HOCKEY: Jonathan Willis ponders the possibility of the NHLPA bluffing with its vote for disclaimer of interest.

What effect would nullifying contracts have upon the Lightning?

What effect would nullifying contracts have upon the Lightning?

RAW CHARGE: John Fontana on the impact the league’s threat to nullify contracts could have upon the Tampa Bay Lightning.

DIE BY THE BLADE: Whether we like it or not, the NHL is a business, one which alienates its customers.

PUCKHEAD’S THOUGHTS: Don’t feel bad if your desire never to buy NHL merchandise again hurts the manufacturers. Blame the NHL owners.

PUCK DADDY: Sean Leahy presents “Puck Daddy’s 10 funniest hockey bloopers of 2012”. The Montreal Canadiens are in three of them. Yep, it was that kinda year for Les Canadiens. Greg Wyshynski, meanwhile, has the story of Sidney Crosby’s recent foray as a ball hockey goaltender.

AWFUL ANNOUNCING: ESPN’s Barry Melrose is the saddest Santa Claus ever.