Lockout analysis, ten stunning NHL transactions of 2012, five hockey books for last-minute Christmas shoppers, some Flyers appear in upcoming “This is 40” film, and more.


Where does Shea Weber's signings rank among this year's top transactions?

Where does Shea Weber’s offer sheet rank among this year’s top transactions?

PUCK DADDY: Sean Leahy presents the ten most stunning NHL transactions of 2012. Not all were trades or free agent signings.

CANUCKS ARMY: A lengthy examination of the pros and (mostly) cons of NHLPA decertification.

PREDLINES: Jason Kirk suggests the threat of damage to the Nashville Predators by this NHL lockout is less than in 2004, but still a real threat.

OFFSIDE: A SPORTS LAW BLOG: Eric Macramalla asked hockey fans via Twitter if they would return to the NHL following the lockout. He got a lot of replies.

ARCTIC ICE HOCKEY: TJ Maughan has some choice words to those in the media slagging Jets forward Evander Kane.

DOWN GOES BROWN: A non-satirical blog post, as this one recommends five hockey books for your last-minute Christmas shopping.

BATTLE OF CALIFORNIA: A fond farewell to long-time contributor Earl Sleek.

BACKHAND SHELF: A clip from the new Judd Apatow film “This is 40”, featuring several Philadelphia Flyers meeting Megan Fox in a bar in a clip which has to be seen to be believed.