Examining the “sign-and-trade” possibility in the new CBA, comparing Subban with his peers, the top 50 fantasy hockey goalies, Paul MacLean’s doppelganger, and more.

OFFSIDE: A SPORTS LAW BLOG: Fraser MacKinnon Blair examines the potential impact of “sign-and-trade” moves under the new NHL CBA. It was something we didn’t see much of under the previous CBA.

SPORTS ON EARTH: Joe DeLessio examines how this shortened NHL season will effect the quality of play, the teams and the fans.

INSIDE HOCKEY: Ed Cmar previews the NHL’s Eastern Conference.

HABS EYES ON THE PRIZE: Bruce Peter compares Montreal Canadiens defenseman P.K Subban to his peers, believing it is outrageous the club hasn’t re-signed him yet. That’s because the Habs front office still believes it can sign RFAs to two-three year deals, whereas in recent years players comparable to Subban have been getting longer-term deals.

Could the Kings trade Simon Gagne?

Could the Kings trade Simon Gagne?

MCSORLEY’S STICK: “Quisp” speculates the LA Kings could shop Simon Gagne later this season, and offers up some compelling evidence to support his theory.

DOBBER HOCKEY: “Dobber” updates his Fantasy Goalie ranking for this season.

PUCK DADDY: Ottawa Senators coach Paul MacLean’s doppelganger attended last night’s Senators- Florida Panthers tilt, sitting behind the Senators bench. The “evil twin” unsettled poor Greg Wyshynski until he was revealed to be just a regular guy attending the game with tickets provided by his company.

DOWN DOES BROWN: Other ways NHL teams are trying to make it up to fans angered by the recent NHL lockout. Hey, here’s a crazy idea; how about promising to improve labour relations with the players to ensure there is never, ever another lockout or work stoppage again!