Various sources report this morning a tentative agreement has been reached between the National Hockey League and the NHL Players Association on a new collective bargaining agreement, bringing an end to the lockout which lasted 113 days. Check in regularly here for more details as they appear throughout the day.

NHL & NHLPA reach agreement on tentative CBA.

NHL & NHLPA reach tentative agreement on new collective bargaining agreement.

CBA Term, Salary Cap for ’13-’14, Contract Term, Revenue Sharing, Salary Variance, Arbitration, Start Date for Free Agency.

As per SPORTSNET’s Nick Kypreos, the term for the CBA is ten years, with a mutual opt-out at year 8.

The salary cap for 2013-14 has been set at $64.3 million.

Player contract term limits has been set at seven years, eight for re-signed players.

Includes revenue sharing at $200 million plus $60 million growth fund.

Salary variance has been set at 35 percent. CBC’s Elliotte Friedman tweeted “lowest-paid season of any multi year deal can be no lower than 50 per cent of highest season”.

Friedman also reports teams cannot walk away from salary arbitration award unless it is “at least $3.5 million”. It will be indexed to increase each year at same rate the salaries do.

TSN’s Pierre LeBrun reports the salary cap for this season is set at $60 million, but teams are allowed to spend up to $70.2 million. Cap floor is $44 million. He also reports the start date for free agency remains July 1 at the players insistence. For this year only, the start date for free agency will be later because the 2o12-13 season will end later.


It appears a 50-game schedule for 2012-13. SPORTSNET’s John Shannon reporting possible January 15 start date. Teams will only play within their respective conferences.

Training camps may be set to begin on Wednesday, January 9, and season should begin on January 16, 2013.

Amnesty Buyouts, Minimum Salary.

Chris Johnston of CANADIAN PRESS confirms there will be two amnesty buyouts per team prior to the ’13-’14 season, which count against players’ share of revenue. No word yet on when the buyout period will be, but not during the shortened season.  He also reports amnesty buyouts, though not counting against the salary cap, will cost two-thirds of what remains on the players salary.

Regarding minimum salary, Johnston reports it starts this season at $525K climbing to $750K by Year 10 of the CBA.  He also reports any salary over $900K on a one-way contract demoted to the minors will still count against a team’s salary cap. “To be clear, one-way deals in AHL totalling the minimum salary plus $375,000 are exempt from cap”, he writes.

Nick Kypreos, meanwhile, reports NHL teams can use the two amnesty buyouts over the next two summers only. Have the option to use both in one summer.

CSNPhilly’s Tim Panaccio reported NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly confirmed amnesty/compliance buyouts cannot be used for players on long-term injury reserve (LTIR).

NHL Draft Lottery, 2014 Winter Olympics, Supplemental Discipline.

TSN’s Darren Dreger reports the NHL draft lottery will change, as all fourteen non-playoff teams “fully eligible for first overall pick. Weighting system may remain, but 4-move restriction out.” Dreger also reports on 2014 Winter Olympic participation will be made “outside the CBA”, but NHL likely to participate. Regarding supplemental discipline, player goes through league disciplinarian Brendan Shanahan first, can appeal to league commissioner afterward. Suspensions for six or more games will be decided by a neutral third party.

Player Pensions

RDS.CA’s Renaud Lavoie reports the NHL owners will be responsible for potential pension losses. The pension funds will be upon what Major League Baseball players have. Sportnet’s John Shannon tweeted the league has agreed to share limited long-term liability with the union.

Division of Hockey-related Revenue, “Make Whole” provision.

TSN reporting the division of hockey related revenue will be 50-50 over the length of the deal, with a $300 million “make whole” provision to off-set reduced player contracts by escrow.

Divisional Realignment.

SPORTSNET’s Daren Millard reports there was no discussion and thus no decision on divisional realignment.

Trades/Free Agents.

CTV’s Brian Wilde reports general managers cannot talk contract with their free agents until the new CBA is ratified on Tuesday, January 8, 2012. I’m assuming the same rule applies for trades.


Apparently there is no cap on escrow starting in year two of the CBA.

Trade & Free Agent Deadlines.

Bruce Arthur of The National Post reports an April 5 trade deadline and July 5 start of unrestricted free agency have been proposed but yet to be approved, but the two sides have yet to formally sign off on those. Those dates are for this season only.

Deal is tentative pending ratification of the written document by the 30 NHL Board of Governors and over 700 NHLPA members. A press conference formally announcing information on the start date of the season schedule and training camp is expected on Monday, January 7.