More NHL outdoor games, the weekend roundup, the Penguins Cup chances, the impact of Randy Carlyle’s coaching upon the Leafs, Absurd Goalie Monday and more.

Does the NHL risk over-exposing its outdoor games?

Does the NHL risk over-exposing its outdoor games?

PUCK DADDY/THE STRANGEST ONE OF ALL: Ryan Lambert and Scott Wazz aren’t keen on the NHL staging too many outdoor games per season. Scotty also takes a look at the career of old-time (like over 100 years old time) goalie Bert Lindsay in today’s “Absurd Goalie Monday“.

BACKHAND SHELF: Miss this weekend’s NHL action? Justin Bourne has the recap.

PENSION PLAN PUPPETS: Steve Burtch busts the myth that Randy Carlyle’s responsible for the Maple Leafs’ improved defense this season.

HOCKEY TRACKER: Are the Penguins a legit contender?

DOBBER HOCKEY: Terry Campkin’s fantasy hockey “Geek of the Week” is Maple Leafs blueliner Cody Franson.