NHL discipline, Ryan O’Reilly’s value to the Avs, Alexander Ovechkin’s offensive woes, a call for the Ducks to trade Corey Perry, Absurd Goalie Monday and more.

THE HOCKEY WRITERS: Jeff Ponder isn’t impressed by the caliber of NHL officiating so far this season.

CBS SPORTS EYE ON HOCKEY: Brian Stubits examines the possibility of Portland, Oregon becoming a target for a relocated NHL franchise.

PUCK DADDY: With Alexander Ovechkin a fading star, Greg Wyshynski looks at other candidates to rival Sidney Crosby as the NHL’s so-called “best player”.

Should the Ducks trade Corey Perry?

Should the Ducks trade Corey Perry?

ANAHEIM CALLING: Jen Neale believes the Anaheim Ducks should trade Corey Perry rather than re-sign him. Evidently, Mr. Perry isn’t the most sociable Duck.

JIBBLESCRIBBITS: Examining Ryan O’Reilly’s importance to the Colorado Avalanche.

PENSION PLAN PUPPETS: Why the Toronto Maple Leafs should send an offer sheet to Ryan O’Reilly.

JAPERS’ RINK: A look at Alexander Ovechkin’s even-strength productivity and how to improve it.

STANLEY CUP OF CHOWDER: Some helpful tips on hockey etiquette.

DOBBER HOCKEY: Terry Campkin’s “Geek of the Week” is Tampa Bay Lightning forward Teddy Purcell.

THE STRANGEST ONE OF ALL: Scotty Wazz spotlights Fred Brathwaite in “Absurd Goalie Monday”.

LIGHTHOUSE HOCKEY: Hockey Night in Canada ragged on P.K. Subban so much in his return game with the Montreal Canadiens, it inspired this satirical post of how they viewed Subban’s Super Bowl party.