The Anaheim Ducks have announced the re-signing of center Ryan Getzlaf to an eight-year, $66 million contract, effective 2013-14. The new deal is worth an average annual salary of $8.25 million.

Ryan Getzlaf inks lucrative new deal with Ducks.

Ryan Getzlaf inks lucrative new deal with Ducks.

 SPECTOR’S NOTE: This is probably the least surprising re-signing of the season, but I am surprised by how much he’s getting. $8.25 million per season over eight years is a helluva lot of money for a first-line center whose offensive stats have been in steady decline since his career-best 91-point performance in 2008-09.

This season, Getzlaf is on a point-per-game clip, but I’d feel less uneasy about those dollars if this were an 82-game schedule. Granted, Getzlaf is 27, and perhaps he’ll justify that contract by  maintaining this season’s form for at least the next five or six seasons. But if he doesn’t, if the best we can expect from him is 50-60 point performances over the life of this deal, the Ducks will have grossly overpaid for his services. That could come back to haunt them over the next eight years.

The question now is, how much are they willing to pay Corey Perry, who had slightly better offensive stats (currently 327 points to 320, including a career-best 50-goal, 98 point performance in 2010-11, worthy of the Richard and Hart trophies) over the same period as Getzlaf,  under an identical contract (five years, $5.325 million per season).

If Getzlaf is worth $8.25 million per season for eight years, surely Perry is worth the same, if not more?  There’s been lots of speculation the Ducks could move Perry by the trade deadline, regardless of where they are in the standings, if they fail to re-sign him before the trade deadline. I have my doubts about that, but I do have some about how much they’re willing to pay to keep him off the UFA market this summer, where he’s bound to command as much, if not more, than what Getzlaf is going to get.