Reaction to the Corey Perry contract signing, the NHL Misery Watch, fearing Pavel Datsyuk’s possible retirement, the Maple Leafs struggles and much more.

Was it a good idea for the Ducks to re-sign Perry & Getzlaf?

Was it a good idea for the Ducks to re-sign Perry & Getzlaf?

PUCK DADDY/BACKHAND SHELF/NHL NUMBERS:Harrison Mooney, Justin Bourne and Cam Charron respond to the Anaheim Ducks re-signing Corey Perry to a long-term contract extension, and the cost for the Ducks payroll moving forward.

GRANTLAND/DOWN GOES BROWN: It’s a double-dose of the comic styles of Sean McIndoe, first with the “NHL Misery Watch”, and “What’s gone wrong with the Toronto Maple Leafs?”

THE FEATHERED WHEEL: Chris Letterio believes losing Pavel Datsyuk next year to possible retirement/return to Russia to finish his career could hurt the Detroit Red Wings more than Nicklas Lidstrom’s recent retirement.

HOCKEY BUZZ: Eric Engels believes the Montreal Canadiens are among the best stories in sports this year.

NUCKS MISCONDUCT:  A call for Vancouver Canucks fans to support their club while it struggles through its recent slump.

FLYERS FAITHFUL: Kevin Christmann believes it’s time for the struggling Philadelphia Flyers to say goodbye to dump and chase hockey.

PENSION PLAN PUPPETS: How to improve the Maple Leafs defense? Learn to love Cody Franson.

RAW CHARGE: John Fortunato on the infliction NBC Sports has forced upon the hockey world in the form of analyst Mike Milbury.