Commentaries on hockey analysts, Alex Ovechkin’s resurgence, the upcoming NHL trade deadline, the glory of NHL ’94 and more.

BACKHAND SHELF: Justin Bourne explains why hockey analysts are harder on players than those in other sports.

The glory that is NHL '94.

The glory that is NHL ’94.

PUCK DADDY: Scotty Wazz lists the ten greatest things about NHL ’94. My favorite memory is how my son, all of seven years old at the time, used to whip my butt whenever we played that game back in the late-’90s.

THE TWO-LINE PASS: What to make of Alexander Ovechkin’s recent resurgence?

DOBBER HOCKEY: Russ Miller on the Capitals resurgence and the Penguins recent winning streak.

THE HOCKEY WRITERS: Wayne Whittaker examines previous trades by Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli to determine if he’ll make a blockbuster move this year.

BLUESHIRT BANTER: Joe Fortunato wonders if the NY Rangers will make any significant moves at the deadline.

DRIVING PLAY: Examining the unrealistic expectations some hockey fans have of the NHL trade deadline, and why there aren’t many big deals made on deadline day.

FIVE MINUTES FOR FIGHTING: Matt Horner on the burden of expectations Nikolai Kulemin has faced this season.

DOWN GOES BROWN: A satirical looks at ways NHL front offices are using advanced technology.