The NHL week in review, the playoff watch continues, the problems with Milan Lucic, Wil Wheaton takes over the Kings Twitter feed, and more.

Imagine if Twitter were around for Patrick Roy's final game as a Hab.

Imagine if Twitter were around for Patrick Roy’s final game as a Hab.

GRANTLAND: Katie Baker checks in with her NHL week in review, while Sean McIndoe lists 9 NHL moments that would’ve been better with Twitter,as well as delves into his weekly grab bag of notable and off-beat hockey news.

PUCK DADDY: Greg Wyshynski updates the NHL playoff watch, while Ryan Lambert calls for Montreal Canadiens fans to ease off the panic button over the club’s recent performance.

BACKHAND SHELF: Cam Charron tries to puzzle together what’s wrong with Bruins forward Milan Lucic.

THE HOCKEY WRITERS: Mitch Kasprick wonders if this is the final countdown for the Phoenix Coyotes ownership situation.

SBNATION: Actor and die-hard LA Kings fan Wil Wheaton donned his Kelly Hrudey jersey and a horse head mask and took over the club’s Twitter feed during the second period of last night’s Blue Jackets-Kings game.