The Islanders performance against the Penguins garners positive reviews, the most entertaining NHL players on Twitter, concerns over Marian Gaborik’s health and more.

NY Islanders fans cheer on their club against the Penguins last Sunday.

NY Islanders fans cheering on their club against the Penguins last Sunday.

GRANTLAND: Bryan Curtis covered the reaction of Islanders fans to their club’s first playoff home game since 2007. They’re understandably thrilled.

BACKHAND SHELF: Cam Charron explains why the Islanders are a better team than most observers believe.

CBS NEW YORK: B.D. Gallof notes the Isles are showing experience beyond their years in their series against the Penguins.

THE CANNON: Matt Wagner wonders if the Blue Jackets should be worried about Marian Gaborik’s recent groin injury.

TOO MANY MEN ON THE SITE: Katrina Cappelli lists the most entertaining NHL players to follow on Twitter. Paul Bissonnette (of course) tops the list.

PUCK DADDY: Harrison Mooney is back with another music video, this one inspired by Brian Burke’s fan lawsuit. This one’s entirely Lycra-free!

DOWN GOES BROWN: A satirical look at this year’s Masterton Trophy nominees. Enjoy!