Analysis of the upcoming NHL draft, the Flyers, Maple Leafs, Capitals and the NHL’s arbitration process.

MILE HIGH HOCKEY: Steve House asks, if you were the Avalanche GM, what would it take for you to trade away the first overall pick. I’m guessing an established young star, a top prospect and a first round pick no lower than third overall.

Could the Panthers select Jonathan Bernier with the second overall pick?

Could the Panthers select Jonathan Drouin with the second overall pick?

LITTER BOX CATS: Donny Rivette, with his mock draft, believes the Florida Panthers (holding the second overall pick) could select Jonathan Drouin in this year’s NHL draft.

RAW CHARGE: Seth Jones could be available for the Tampa Bay Lightning with the third overall pick after all.

BROAD STREET BUZZ: Bryan Way on what the Mark Streit trade says about the Philadelphia Flyers.

FLYERS FAITHFUL: Marc Siciliano examines the coaching adjustments needed by the Flyers to generate more offense.

VINTAGE LEAFS MEMORIES: Michael Langlois asks Leafs Nation, “Do we really want Jonathan Bernier?” I’m not part of Leafs Nation, but given James Reimer’s performance this season, I say, no.

GRANTLAND: Leafs fan Sean McIndoe looks back at how close the Leafs came to beating the Bruins back in the conference quarterfinals. That’s gonna haunt the Leafs and their fans for some time, until the club has a lengthy playoff/Stanley Cup run.

THE PEERLESS PROGNOSTICATOR: Assessing the planning of the Capitals front office.

ANGUS CERTIFIED: A look behind the scenes at the NHL’s arbitration process.