Latest analysis on the Stanley Cup Final, the new CBA and its impact upon free agency, and much more.

GRANTLAND: Sean McIndoe on the five factors of Game Five (and beyond) of the Stanley Cup Final, while Katie Baker reviews all 11 goals scored in Game Four.

Jonathan Toews (19) hasn't done much of this (scoring) in this year's playoffs.

Jonathan Toews (19) hasn’t done much of this (scoring) in this year’s playoffs.

BACKHAND SHELF: Cam Charron with a very timely piece on Jonathan Toews’ scoring struggles.

PUCK DADDY: Ryan Lambert examines some of the narratives which have crept out of this Stanley Cup Final.

GREATEST HOCKEY LEGENDS: Joe Pelletier with the story of the first Stanley Cup championship ring. By the way, Joe is working on listing the 100 Greatest Hockey Players Of All Time and could use your help. Check out the link and drop Joe a line with your suggestions.

WINGING IT IN MOTOWN: “J.J. From Kansas” with part three of “Getting to Know the CBA”, examining its impact upon free agency.

HABS EYES ON THE PRIZE: Andrew Berkshire wonders if the salary cap has ruined the NHL for fans.

HOCKEY TRACKER: Samir Javer on a potential loophole regarding compliance buyouts in the NHL CBA.

THE HOCKEY WRITERS: Carl Maloney rates the top 15 NHL free agents of 2013. That list could need adjustment if there’s a high number of compliance buyouts before July 5.

ARCTIC ICE HOCKEY: The “cone of silence” has descended over the Winnipeg Jets and their off-season plans.

DOBBER HOCKEY: Jeff Angus lists 10 multi-category WHL prospects you should know.