More Conference Finals predictions, David Krejci proving his worth, what should the Sharks do next, more on Messier as a candidate to be Rangers head coach, and Absurd Goalie Monday.

THE SPORTS BANK/INSIDE HOCKEY: Ed Cmar has his predictions for the Conference Finals. The lateness of these pieces is my fault, not his. Still relevant this early in the both series.

David Krejci deserves more respect.

David Krejci deserves more respect.

STANLEY CUP OF CHOWDER: Lack of appreciation for David Krejci’s skills stretches well beyond the NHL, all the way to his home country of the Czech Republic.

BLUE SHIRT BANTER: Joe Fortunato wonders if NY Rangers fans are keen to the idea of Mark Messier possibly becoming the club’s new head coach.

BLADES OF TEAL: What do the San Jose Sharks take away from their performance both this season and in the Conference Semifinal?

NHL NUMBERS: Justin Azevedo looks at compliance buyout candidates in the Western Conference.

THE STRANGEST ONE OF ALL: Scotty Wazz examines the career of Michel Belhumeur in this week’s installment of “Absurd Goalie Monday”.