The all-time “gave up too soon” NHL team, reaction to Tuukka Rask’s new contract, analysis of the Oilers, Flyers and Sabres, the return of NHL ’94 on NHL ’14, and more.

Did the Bruins give up too soon on Tyler Seguin?

Did the Bruins give up too soon on Tyler Seguin?

GRANTLAND: Sean McIndoe presents the “All-Time ‘Gave Up Too Soon’ NHL team, comprised of players teams gave up on too soon who blossomed into stars elsewhere.

BACKHAND SHELF: Justin Bourne on how arbitration can damage relationships between teams and players, but can also at times be hilarious.

THE HOCKEY WRITERS: Mark Wallace Graham lists four reasons Tuukka Rask’s new contract works for the Bruins.

THE COPPER AND BLUE: Alan Hull believes the Oilers, despite recent moves by new GM Craig MacTavish, aren’t a playoff team yet.

FLYERS FAITHFUL: Mark Siciliano suggests the Flyers could have a problem at left wing.

DIE BY THE BLADE: Andy Boron believes the small moves made thus far by Sabres management signals a commitment to a full rebuild.

ICETHETICS: Speaking of the Sabres, could a gold jersey be in their future?

FIRST ROUND BUST: Dan Shrader is willing to give Matt Cooke a chance as a member of the Wild.

HOCKEY ANALYSIS: Standardizing advanced stats nomenclature, so you don’t have to!

SB NATION: Looky-looky, kiddies! NHL ’94 returns in NHL’14!