Commentaries on NHL participation in the Sochi Olympics, five things bad hockey coaches do, the six most perplexing off-season decisions, and much more.

BACKHAND SHELF: It’s a double dose of Justin Bourne, beginning with five things bad hockey coaches do (like not listening and not allowing their assistants to do their jobs), followed by the difference between playing on Olympic and NHL-sized ice sheets.

BUZZFEED: Patrick Burke, co-founder of the “You Can Play” Project, believes the best way for LGBT Olympians to stick it to the Russian government and their bigoted, anti-gay laws is to show up and participate in the Sochi Games. I agree. Boycotting the Games only empowers the bigots. Participating in the Games shows them up for the dimwitted asshats they are.  I’d love to see an LGBT athlete win gold, and clutch a small Rainbow flag on the dais as their country’s anthem is played.

Can Canada's coaches help their club overcome the weight of heightened expectations?

Can Canada’s coaches help their club overcome the weight of heightened expectations?

EYES ON ISLES: Andy Graziano wonders if the 2014 version of Team Canada might melt under the weight of heightened expectations. It’s certainly possible. Look what happened to the 2006 Canadian Men’s team.

GRANTLAND: Sean McIndoe lists the six most perplexing decisions of this NHL off-season. The Leafs trading for goaltending tops the list. Discuss!

NUCKS MISCONDUCT: The Roberto Luongo situation stinks. Actually, it’s just gotten stinkier, and Luongo doesn’t deserve this.

DIE BY THE BLADE: Andy Boron explains why Sabres fans shouldn’t freak out over Thomas Vanek’s recent remarks? What did Vanek say? Read Boron’s blog to find out. No spoiler alerts here!

FEAR THE FIN: Some fun facts about the San Jose Sharks. Honestly, they’re fun facts.

SPORTS PICKLE: It’s the most shocking hockey scandal of the summer! The official handler of the Stanley Cup has – gasp! – handled other trophies!! (Cue dramatic music).