Henrik Lundqvist’s next contract, the Senators decision not to pay Daniel Alfredsson’s asking price, getting to know the NHL CBA, finding value in next season’s Buffalo Sabres schedule and more.

Re-signing Henrik Lundqvist could get expensive for the Rangers.

Re-signing Henrik Lundqvist could get expensive for the Rangers.

BACKHAND SHELF: Dave Lozo dives into his weekly grab bag of NHL topics (including Henrik Lundqvist’s next contract), while Cam Charron examines if having a lower budget is an advantage for NHL teams.

GRANTLAND: Sean McIndoe on Daniel Alfredsson’s bittersweet farewell to the Ottawa Senators.

PUCK DADDY: Greg Wyshynski scolds the NHL for not launching an investigation into possible salary cap circumvention regarding the Senators last contract with Daniel Alfredsson.

SILVER SEVEN SENS: Mark Parisi explains why the Ottawa Senators made the right decision not to meet the salary demands of former captain Daniel Alfredsson.

WINGING IT IN MOTOWN: The latest in the series “Getting to Know the CBA”. This week, Article 16, which pertains to schedules, rosters, reserve lists and practice sessions.

DIE BY THE BLADE: Hey, Buffalo Sabres fans! Looking for value in the Sabres home games this season? Zachary Zielonka lists the ten best games to attend.

THE HOCKEY WRITERS: Ed Miller takes a look at a company which helps retired pro athletes, like hockey players, find new careers.

GREATEST HOCKEY LEGENDS: Before the internet, hockey fans relied on Zander Hollander ‘s annual “Complete Handbook of Pro Hockey”.