More reports of “tension” between Evander Kane and the Jets, plus there isn’t any help coming for the Vancouver Canucks.

Is there tension between Evander Kane and the Jets coaching staff?

Is there tension between Evander Kane and the Jets coaching staff?

NBC SPORTS: cited a recent report by TSN’s Bob McKenzie on the curious status of Winnipeg Jets star Evander Kane. Though the Jets aren’t shopping Kane and he hasn’t sought a trade, McKenzie wondered why his name is still in the rumor mill, citing what appears to be tension between the winger and Jets coach Claude Noel.  “There’s tension and people can’t figure out fully whether it’s that Evander does not really like it in Winnipeg or with the Jets? Are the coaches unhappy with him, how has he fit in with the team? And so outside people looking in are saying ‘one goal in the last 12 games, minus player more than not, still playing 21-25 minutes a night… is he available?’, asked McKenzie.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: These rumors have been flying around about Kane pretty much since the club relocated from Atlanta to Winnipeg.  He’s obviously off to a slow start to this season, which will raise eyebrows around the league. Once he regains his form the speculation will die down, but the longer his offensive woes continue the more trade rumors will swirl about him.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Jason Botchford recently reported the Canucks have soured on the types of trades which previously brought in veterans like Derek Roy and Sami Pahlsson who did little to help the club, and no wish to repeat them. They’re unwilling to give up any draft picks or prospects for help this season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As Botchford suggested, this may well be a transition year for the Canucks, meaning no quick-fix trades. Considering they do have some decent youth in their system now it would be folly to sacrifice any of it.